User Experience Researcher

Embodied User Experience

Cutting-edge, non-traditional approach to User Experience (UX) as generally known. I call it Embodied UX.

My journey in this field put a strong emphasis on conceptual thinking and explored the convergence of embodied cognition, the merge between digital and physical interactions, non-human relationships, and spatial dynamics.

The Embodied UX perspective explores innovative research methodologies that are up for its challenges. It draws inspiration from diverse fields such as Anthropology, Sociology, Art, Dance, and other domains that can enrich the mix.

MA User Experience Design

Abstract egg like sculpture, black and white, dramatic

UX Final Major Project

Stay tuned for updates about my final Master’s project.

Abstract artificial intelligence machine

Micro UX

Creating a user experience that enhances human perceptions through technology.

Macro UX

Designing a transmedia experience that mobilises people around the inclusion of neurodivergent people in the workplace.

Collaborative Unit

Read about my and my team’s journeys on two small one-week projects!

UX Studio Practices

Read about my and my team’s journeys of small five two-week-long briefs exploring a range of witty topics!

Three black exhibition visitors looking at colourful Braille board

Exhibition UX

Improving the User Experience of a Braille exhibition in Aspex gallery, Portsmouth.

Information Hub

UX Design project to support the community of Cosham, Portsmouth

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

UX Design project to empower neurodivergent people and break the stigma in the workplace.