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Transmedia Experience | Macro UX | Week 3 | Part 2

We designed a transmedia experience that mobilises people to the social urgent cause of the inclusion of neurodivergent people in the workplace.


Design a transmedia experience that rallies people on urgent social cause where the voices of underrepresented groups are expressed


5 weeks | 02.02 – 09.03.2023


5 people | Cyrus (Xiyuan) Han, Mansi Chottani, Mila Tawil and Sushil Suresh


Weakness in our research

I must acknowledge a potential weakness in our collected research as the majority of our primary data came from individuals who were not based in the UK. However, as part of Western Europe, we believe that the differences should be relatively minimal.

Additionally, some of the references we used were blogs rather than peer-reviewed papers, which may raise questions about the legitimacy of the information they provided. However, we chose these sources to speed up our project progress and managed this potential issue by cross-referencing with other sources. 

We were not interested in exact numbers, but rather aimed to find information that is as close to the actual reality as possible to inform our experience.

Inefficiency in sharing information within the team

Despite the fact that we have read through a large number of resources, we have not documented our findings in a clear and organized manner. This makes it difficult for other team members to access and utilize the information, especially when someone is absent from the group. 

In addition, it seemed to me that we just extracted information that seemed relevant to us from the resources without transforming it into specific insights that would act as filters for our design decisions and explain the reasons behind all the connections. 

None of our “insights” was clearly written, which made it somewhat difficult to connect the dots between research and design. Moreover, some of our team members found it somehow challenging to keep up due to our information-sharing practice, which did not increase their overall enthusiasm.

We should have:

  • Implemented a rule that requires all information to be stored on Miro and not on team chats to ensure everything is easily accessible.
  • Considered organizing the information either by logical branches or by dates, depending on what would work best for our team.
  • Distilled and written clearly the insights/ conclusions from our extensive research

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