User Experience Researcher

Generative AI | Week 2 | Micro UX


Design a way for a person to pass as a ‘generative AI’ in an everyday setting


3 teammates | Hong Zhou, Qibin Chen, Xiaole (Zoey) Zang


7 weeks | 20.04 – 08.06.2023



This week, we decided to split into three initially, and subsequently two groups to improve decision-making and increase our team’s work output.

I decided to look at generative AI through language as I am intrigued by the natural-language user interface (NLUI or LUI) where words are the ones that control the software applications. From my understanding, it is a field that needs further exploration allowing exciting opportunities, especially with the boom of chatbots this year.

Bin explains in simple terms how generative AI models work

I really admire Bin’s ability to question everything presented to him at the same time have an interesting wacky approach. That combined with his understanding from reading about generative AI and playing with a simple model, provided a solid foundation for our conversations throughout the week.

Three-dimensional linear algebra graph to explain in simple and graspable terms of multidimensionality of generative artificial intelligence models. Models utilize statistical methods to understand the relationships between words and generate coherent responses, creating the appearance of AI possessing certain human-like qualities.

After attending a design-related event organized by the Royal College of Arts, I took away an important lesson: the value of looking through others’ perspectives and being willing to challenge them. Doing that can result in valuable insights and a deeper understanding of the matter at hand.

During our discussions this week, I found myself naturally inclined to take on the critical perspective, which is often referred to as the “black hat” in Bono’s Six Thinking Hats (2017) framework.

I aimed to scrutinize the logic of ideas put forward by others and ensure the soundness of our conclusions. However, this made me realize that I have limited exposure to other thinking modes and need to practice them more. It also became apparent that our team could benefit from incorporating a wider range of thinking approaches.

Collated bizarre things with user responses from Reddit
Collated bizarre things with user responses from Reddit
Insights from analysing how people explain weird or unseen-before things
List of human traits that artificial intelligence (AI) can learn to emulate through language. Despite AI’s ability to mimic these traits, it cannot achieve the multifaceted and profound understanding of them that humans naturally possess. Creativity is a category that should have been added.
Secondary research on the ability of people to differentiate content produced by generative AI tools and a human

While many of the conclusions we reached aligned with what I had previously heard at generative AI events, the act of engaging in discussions enabled me to internalize the information at a much deeper level. It highlighted what I need to learn better and be more effective with the research.


In terms of primary research, we didn’t do much compared to the previous week. However, our discussions and efforts to create a shared understanding among the team allowed us to delve into the core issues we were dealing with. In my view, this approach is an effective way to align and establish a clear direction while maximizing the value of our research. 

One area for improvement would be to focus on reading works by notable figures in the field we are working in rather than reading less credible sources. By engaging in critical conversations and making sense of their academic discourse, I think we can create very meaningful work.

In conclusion, I believe that in addition to conducting research and design, it is crucial to have thoughtful and focused team conversations. Seems to me a balanced approach that combines both aspects is essential for a successful outcome.


De Bono, E., 2017. Six Thinking Hats: The multi-million bestselling guide to running better meetings and making faster decisions. Penguin uk.

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