User Experience Researcher

Generative AI | Week 5 | Micro UX


Design a way for a person to pass as a ‘generative AI’ in an everyday setting


3 teammates | Hong Zhou, Qibin Chen, Xiaole (Zoey) Zang


7 weeks | 20.04 – 08.06.2023


During our discussions, it became evident that there was a lack of alignment among team members, with each person having a different perspective and understanding of our project. Recognizing the importance of cohesion, I convened the team into a meeting in order to foster a shared direction and understanding.

Meeting in progress. Photo credit: Hong Zhou

I believe it is natural for individuals to have different views and takeaways from a project. However, for effective collaboration and project development, it is crucial to address and resolve such misalignments.

One aspect that emerged to me from the project is the distinction between individuals who simply provide help and those who actively contribute ideas on an equal level. 

On one hand, having supportive individuals can be beneficial as they accelerate the progress of the project. However, they often require micromanagement, which necessitates a shift in the role of one team member. Although it is perfectly acceptable, can potentially divert the focus of some of the team members, creating new team dynamics and hindering the creative progress.

Successful team dynamics require flexibility and adaptability from each member to ensure effective collaboration and productivity.

Concept idea for the experience

We initially began coding with Python on Google Colab Notebooks, utilizing various libraries and eventually exploring the OpenCV Machine Learning Library for eye tracking but the only available headset from Creative Technology Lab was borrowed.

We looked at Unreal Engine, which offered easy integration with the VR headset and the necessary eye-tracking capabilities.

Although our ambition was commendable, I was concerned that we are stretching ourselves too thin, attempting to acquire skills that none of us possessed on top of executing the idea we have not tested in low fidelity form.

I find group work to be a beautiful and enriching activity as it fosters the exploration of diverse perspectives. It pushes me to step outside of my own point of view and truly understand others. Additionally, working in a multidisciplinary team allows us to leverage and combine a multitude of skills, encouraging personal growth and collective success.

However, I have come to realize that it is important to tap into my teammates’ engagement languages in order for them to contribute fully and increase their personal investment in the project, fostering a more collaborative and effective working environment. 

Awareness of the team setup, including the individual self-awareness of each team member, is crucial for recognizing collective strengths and weaknesses so that we have accurate expectations of possible outcomes.

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