User Experience Researcher

Generative AI | Week 7 | Micro UX


Design a way for a person to pass as a ‘generative AI’ in an everyday setting


3 teammates | Hong Zhou, Qibin Chen, Xiaole (Zoey) Zang


7 weeks | 20.04 – 08.06.2023


I am with mixed feelings about our final outcome. 

On one hand, I appreciate the incorporation of a VR headset and the interactive video elements, as they create a small, immersive exhibition-like experience.

Zoey is trying the VR experience. Photo credit: Hong Zhou
Screenshot from Unreal Engine of the preview of the user. Credit: Qibin Chen
Screenshot from Unreal Engine of a level from the experience. Credit: Qibin Chen

However, there is a sense of disappointment in me that we were unable to ground our project in a specific real-world context, which was the essence of the Mixro UX Unit’s purpose. By pinpointing a specific place of human experience, we could have expanded our idea, as I believe it has wider application contexts, which would have added depth and richness to our work.

I recognize a significant flaw in our project: the lack of testing. Despite my efforts to persuade the team to conduct tests, I was unsuccessful, even when utilizing low-fidelity prototypes. The ambitious execution of the project further complicated my attempts to incorporate testing that produced a lack of clarity in our project which was even clear with the final feedback that we received. Furthermore, time-management-wise the case was the same.

Persuasion skill is crucial in teamwork.

Behind the scenes of shooting footage for the video – week 2. Photo credits: Xiaole (Zoey) Zang and Hong Zhou

In my opinion, although our current video attempts to rationalise this speculative possibility, I don’t believe it effectively communicates our message.

Instead, I would prefer a more artistic approach video that encompasses a broader scope of our concept, that is moving and taps on the viewer’s imagination, giving context to our experience, that covers only part of it. Unfortunately, due to time constraints that limited our opportunities for experimentation, we must accept the current option, as it still holds some value and was accomplishable within the available timeframe.

In Conclusion

Personally, I found it challenging to fully engage with the project due to its vague nature. Despite my best efforts, I struggled to grasp the core concept, but I remained committed to contributing as much as possible. 

Despite not fitting into my idea of ideal projects, I was able to learn a great deal about myself throughout the process. I take some responsibility for the project’s shortcomings as I recognize that I was hesitant to take creative risks and step out of my comfort zone in order to drive the project forward. I allowed confusion stemming from the unknown and concerns about misalignment with my team members to hinder my willingness to take risks. 

Moving forward, I would aim to become a greater risk-taker and persuader.

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