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Exploring Somatic Projects, Exercises, Research and Design Methods

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Conceptual Framework

Trying Somatic Exercises

Since I lack practical experience with somatic practices, I consulted a somatic expert to identify and engage in a few relevant practices.

I acknowledge that I am less “tuned in my body” and can be less sensitive to what is happening in it.

The body scan felt too passive and required a lot of concentration to sense what was happening inside me, but it did work.

On the other hand, the Feldenkrais exercise demanded that I adapt to a complex sequence of movements that I was not familiar with. The results were more substantial compared to the body scan, as I could continue to focus on my shoulders long after completing the exercise.

Body Mapping Exercise

I am interested in adopting Ståhl et al. (2017) and Tsaknaki’s (2021) method of capturing and documenting body information by tuning into the body, creatively expressing felt sensations, and using them to create objects.

The research method designed (PDF 50KB) combined a body scan with Feldenkrais exercise for legs that is documented in body maps with follow-up questions based on the drawings, generated with ChatGPT and edited by myself.


Collect qualitative tacit body information from the user.


Drawing, following or collecting tacit/ experiential qualitative knowledge through a more free-flow medium.

2 Body maps, prepared for recording the felt sensations in the body after the designed method.
Testing the method with Romit.
Participant filling in the body maps post experience.
Participant filling in the body maps post experience.
Body maps capturing the felt sensations before and after the method.


  • The participants agreed that expressing the body sensations through drawing felt limiting. The next step is to attempt a mood board exercise for this purpose.
  • I need more first-hand experience with somatic exercises to understand which exercises are useful for what so that I open up my research options.


I managed to create a focus on the sensations in the legs for self-reporting the data through drawing. 


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