User Experience Researcher

Final Prototype Iteration Before Deadline

Prototype Iteration 4

Working on a desk with Physical Computing in the Creative Technology Lab (CTL), London College of Communication (LCC).
Adjusting the vest prototype on Romit.
Testing if the vibration is working and how strong it feels.
Fine-tuning vibration patterns and discussing potential applications.


First Experiment

Second Experiment

Participant experiences my heart rate through the vibration of our wearable vest prototype.

Cycling vest shape tooks away the potential applications subconsciously – need to test in low fidelity in the future if changing the purposes.

Engineering the Vest with the Physical Computing Components

Created a flat unfolded copy of the vest to map the physical computing on the vest.
Mapping the suitable positions for micro vibrating motors using the topology of the mannequin, the shape of the actual vest and our insights from previous research exercises.
Vest with the marked placement of vibrating components and non-sensitive zones.

Visual Identity

Moodboard for the vest. Keywords: energy, edgy, invisible and minimalist.
Prompt: electrical signals effect in neon yellow.
Prompt: abstract thin rays of light going in random directions in neon yellow.
Prompt: fibreglass cable rays of light going in random directions in neon green-yellow.
Prompt: fibreglass cable rays of light in a shape of a sphere going in random directions in neon yellow-green colour.
Product presentation of the vest.

Concept Explainer Animation

Storyboard of one direction for our prototype.
Animatic of the direction from the storyboard.
Iteration of our main character for the 2D animation.
Character prepared for animation rigging.
Asset prepared for rigging.
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