User Experience Researcher

Slavi Kaloferov

Slavi Kaloferov

User Experience Researcher-Designer based in London


Highlight Projects

eCommerce expansion

Doing research to validate the eCommerce version of a bookshop website.

Three black exhibition visitors looking at colourful Braille board

Exhibition UX

Improving the User Experience of a Braille exhibition in Aspex gallery, Portsmouth.

Surrealist bust sculpture with CoLab AI text and logo next to it

Self-led Research

Researching the impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence on Art and Design Higher Education.

Helping People to Live Sustainably

Minimum viable product (app) result of a week-long design sprint.

Read My Exploration in User Experience

Embodied User Experience

WordPress logo on blue plain background

Digital User Experience

High-technology modern datacenter building in a surrealist landscape

Emerging Tech and Coding